Basic details

Name: Soto Tower (Castillo de Soto)
Description: It is one of the oldest examples of civil architecture from Aller council. This building with defensive features appeares mentioned in 1100 as a property of the mayor Pedro Díaz de Aller, who was an uncle of Doña Jimena, Cid Campeador's wife, and later on of the Bernaldo de Quirós family (R. Pando Argüelles). It was built in the 12th century, although the remains which are preserved are from the 14th and 15th centuries. Only the canvas of the southern façade and the beginning of the eastern and the western façades remain of the original structure. The tower has a square floor plan and was founde on the rock and built using masonry on the walls and ashlar in the corners. It was declared Historical Artistic Monument on 10th July 1975.

Additional information

  • Type: Civil Architecture
  • Characteristics: Medieval
  • Accessibility for disabled:
  • Opening dates: All year
    • Open on the days of the week:
      Per booking

Contact details


Soto 33686 Aller Soto


  • Torreón de Soto (Aller)

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