Basic details

Name: Palacio del Marqués de Campo Sagrado (Marquis of Campo Sagrado's Palace) (Instituto de secundaria de Mieres)
Description: It is an urban 'casona' (stately manor), built probably in the 17th century, although it has suffered several remodellings on its side facades. It has got square floor, a cover with 4 pitches and big projecting eaves. The front facade is divided into two stretches: one is compact and has got two trabeated openings and the other one is open in the lower floor and it has got a glassed-in gallery in the higher one. The house is made in masonery and sandstone ashlar for the openings and the corner chains. The higher floor is covered with a finish that looks like ashlar. It also preserves a coat of arms in the higher part of the facade. The original core was the low-medieval turret (14th-15th centuries). In 1926 it was bought by the City Hall. During the Republic it was a headquarter, in 1942 it was a childcare home. Nowadays, it is a secondary high school and it is going through a considerable restoration of the building and its environment.

Additional information

  • Type: Civil Architecture
  • Characteristics: Casona
  • Accessibility for disabled:
  • Opening dates: All year

Contact details


La Villa 33600 Mieres Mieres


  • Palacio Marqués de Campo Sagrado - Mieres
  • Palacio Camposagrado

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