Basic details

Name: Santa Barbara Shaft (La Rebaldana)
Description: The origins of this dates from 1920, being remodelled and renovated in the 1950's and 70's. Its installations are formed by: • Two shafts with its respective headframes and machine rooms. • An only block for the compressors • Ventilation shafts • Building for multiple services: changing room, lamps room, offices. In the facade of this building we find the logotype of the company, HUNOSA, and the name of the shaft. Attached to the buiding we find the machine room of the most modern headframe, where we have the machines that activate the cage which gives access to the shaft. Between both headframes we find the compressors room, formed by three joined blocks, being the central one shorter than the others. The building has got rectangular floor and remarkable height and it houses the oldest headframe, which is the smallest too. The ventilation shaft is located in a more isolated small building in which it stands out the brick fringes on the facade.

Additional information

  • Type: Industrial
  • Characteristics: Mining
  • Accessibility for disabled:
  • Opening dates: All year

Contact details


Turón 33610 Mieres Turón


  • 1
  • Pozo Santa Bárbara

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