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Name: Saint Vicente de Serrapio
Description: It is a temple of pre-Romanesque origin, possibly founded by the presbyter Gagius in the 9th century, as shown in a tombstone in the inside, but there aren't any architectural elements prior to the 12th century.
It has got a plan with three naves crowned with a three apses chevet, round in the centre and straight in the sides. Attached to the north wall, there is a sacristy that houses several votive tombstones. Among them, we can enhance the one devoted to Jupiter. The wooden cover is from the 16th and 17th century and it is supported by two wooden bases with a prismatic shape. The western and the south facades are surrounded by a later portico and the bell-gable stands at the front. It stands up the semi-circular triumphal arch supported by two pairs of decorated columns and the wide base that spreads out through the side chapels. The capitals of the columns have a Romanesque decoration with geometric motifs and animal and human shapes. The decoration of the church is complemented with the pictures in the apses.
It was declared Historical Artistic Monument on 15th November 1983

Additional information

  • Type: Religious Architecture
  • Characteristics: Romanesque
  • Accessibility for disabled:
  • Opening dates: All year
    • Open on the days of the week:
      Per booking

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Serrapio 33686 Aller Serrapio


  • 1
  • San Vicente de Serrapio
  • Retablo de San Vicente de Serrapio (Aller)

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  • Basilisa_alvarez-icono
    Basi - apelfitu said on 28/11/2009 (14:14):

    Es un monumento precioso, constituye una interesante muestra del arte románico que, a través de diferentes elementos integrados en su actual estructura, da cuenta de la dilatada historia del lugar como espacio sagrado desde la época romana hasta el momento actual. El enclave es maganifico, con medio de una llanura rodeado de altas montañas, con vistas al pico Torres, Cotobello,......

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