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Name: Saint Mary of Bendueños Church (Santuario de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncón)
Description: The temple of Pre-romanesque origin was first documented in 905 A.D. The oral tradition tells us that here it is located the sanctuary devoted to Vindus God.
This building is linked to Santiago's Route and it has got only a nave and a Virgin niche. The nave of the House of the Bortherhood is attached to the left and, to the right of the prebistery, it is the sacristy. In front of the temple, the house of the Novenas is risen.
The side altars are from the end of the 17th century and you can observe mural pictures about the Virgin's Coronation and the Assumption. In the early 18th century it is built the niche and, around 1710, the first mural pictures of this room are drawn

Additional information

  • Type: Religious Architecture
  • Characteristics: Medieval
  • Accessibility for disabled:
  • Opening dates: All year
    • Open on the days of the week:
      Per booking

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Bendueños Lena La Frecha


  • Santuario de Benueños
  • Altar del Santuario Bendueños LENA
  • Pórtico
  • Vista lateral

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