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    November 18, 2010
  • End date:
    November 30, 2010
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  • Municipalities: Mieres
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Description: On the occasion of the feast of the patron saint of miners, mining and Cultural Association Santa Barbara a year organizes a series of activities focusing on Jovellanos Park this year will feature Marina San José, the daughter of singer Victor Manuel Mieres as herald. Highlights include the festival of tune, the hash and a concentration of campers. HOLIDAY PROGRAM OF SANTA BARBARA 2010 DAY 2 THURSDAY 19:30 h Opening exhibition at the House of Culture Friday 3rd 19:45 Proclamation by Marina San José Action Cholo 20:30 h 23:30 h Jubacho 1 ª Gran verbena with D 'Heel SATURDAY DAY 4 from 8:00 to 14:00 Detonation 9:30 to 15:00 h holes cast pregnant bun and a bottle of wine Offering 11:30 h 12:00 h Turón floral wreath at the Monument to the Miner 19:30 h Festival tune 23:30 h 2 ª Gran verbena to February 2 DAY 5 10:00 pm SUNDAY 4 th out BTT - Collaboration group "Sobraos" 12:00 h Concert Band of Mieres 13:00 h Great "Picadillo" 19:30 h Theatre with company "Asturiana de Comedy" 11:00 am Monday 6th Roundtable on motorhomes 11:00 h 4 º Masnou chess - Collaboration Mieres Chess Club 18:00 pm Children's Program with "Northern Factory" from 3 to 6 campers Concentration 1st Santa Barbara - Collaboration "The PACA"

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  • Montana_central_interior-icono
    MontanaCentral said on 18/11/2010 (18:45):

    Muchas gracias A.T. Llana! Los empresarios/as de la Montaña Central también sois parte del éxito de la web y del Proyecto MC Digital

  • Recepcion-icono
    Apartamentos Turísticos Llana said on 18/11/2010 (18:14):


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