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Description: The Director General of Sports of the Principality, Misael Fernández, presented on Friday 19 in Oviedo's new ski season in Asturias, which starts on December 4 and runs until April 3, 2011. Last season the two resorts of the Principality 135,918 registered users. The winter season Valgrande-Pajares remained open 109 days and the Fuentes de Invierno, 110 days. Tufted Fernandez was joined at the press conference by the manager of recreation, Alejandro Calvo, the director of the station Valgrande-Pajares, Felipe García Pertierra, and the coordinator of Fuentes de Invierno, Jorge Fernández Fierro. The Director of Sport said in the filing that "the Government of the Principality is a clear commitment to the modernization of its ski resorts." And he stressed, the main innovations of the 2010-20111 season, the launch of the online recharge of the passes for both stations, saving time-out to users, the new and adapted pistemap Valgrande-Pajares and expanding line of windscreens Llana track the Fitu in Fuentes de Invierno. Here are the main actions: Valgrande-Pajares * Implementation of charging for Internet passes. Users with card-pass the station can be recharged through the station's website, saving timeouts, as the skiers will have direct access to the lifts with the recharge done. This new system allows charging of 1 to 10 days. www.valgrande-pajares.com * New map of clues. It is designed and adapted a new map of the ski station where it faithfully captures the range of the station, with explicit details of the nomenclature: difficulty, length and location of the tracks. The map also reflects the additional services available to the station. This map is available to users on the official website of the station. Fuentes de Invierno * Implementation of Internet charging for passes. Users with card-pass of the season may make the charge via the website of the station, saving timeouts, as the skiers will have direct access to the lifts with the recharge done. This new system allows charging of 1 to 10 days. www.esquiasturias.com * Expanded line of the runway windscreen Llana The Fitu to ensure a greater accumulation of snow in the lower area of the station. Public Prices (New approaches to Valgrande Pajares and Fuentes de Invierno) * The result of collaboration with the University of Oviedo will offer a discount pass for sports card holders of the University during the high season, which allows the use of lifts at a price cheaper than the normal pass. * In addition, maintaining the usual discounts for youth card, large families, children, pre-children and beginners' area. * For tickets to be processed before December 15, the fee is the same as last season, to reward the loyalty of subscribers. Approved prices for this year are also taken into account in the municipalities that are located in the station areas, with discounts for children under 15 years in the councils of Lena and Aller. * The federal skiers also get a bonus prices ranging from 45 to 65 euros.Fuente: Valgrande-pajares.com

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