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Name: Via Carisa (Carisa Way)
Description: The Via Carisa (Carisa Way) is an old road link between Asturias and Leon that goes through the Cantabrian Mountain Range from south to north on the Carraceo range between (Aller and Lena councils). It is probably of pre-Romanesque origin, adapted and improved by the Romans for the passing of Publio Cariso troops, since it was considered a strategic way from the military point of view because it passes by at a great height and avoiding the valleys and hills
Along this way, it has been found remains of a Roman camp in Monte Curriel.los / Curriechos, also known as Picu la Boya, located 1728 metres high. Tools and military equipment for legionaries were found together with some coins, the enclave defensive structure and the Fortifications of the Homón de Faro (1 km to the north of Monte Curriel.los / Curriechos, over 1700 metres high). There, we can also find the ruins of a ciruclar construction with modular walls
These archeological remains are under study, so at the end of the season they are sealed and if you want to see them, it is necessary to be accompanied by experts or a good tourist guide.

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  • Type: Mountains, Other
  • Municipalities it covers: Aller, Lena
  • Opening dates: All year

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Oficina de Turismo 33630 Lena La Pola


  • Restoa arqueológicos
  • Puesta de sol
  • Padería
  • En el camino
  • Panorámica

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